Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Latest skill shortage list

Immigration New Zealand is constantly updating their list specially in the Canterbury region. Please visit the website to check your occupation.


Friday, April 9, 2010

How much will I earn in New Zealand

The New Zealand Employers and Manufacturers Association has published pay data from its most recent survey of New Zealand businesses. The survey covered 593 businesses and has data from 38,216 employees in 215 positions across 18 job sectors.

Basic Pay Rates for Selected Occupations
2009 Pay Compared with 2005 and 2007
Overtime and Shift Pay excluded

Job Average Basic Wage (NZ$)
Average Basic Wage (NZ$)
Average Basic Wage (NZ$)
Warehouse storeperson - unskilled27,06029,450 31,056
Warehouse storeperson - semi skilled 29,966 32,17735,448
Receptionist32,967 34,532 37,902
Fitter's Mate 32,691 35,440 39,884
Shop Salesperson - skilled 33,188 35,44839,296
Caretaker /Custodian / Handyperson 34,817 36,59640,344
Accounts Clerk 35,339 38,088 40,452
Driver - General Road Transport 34,016 38,214 40,379
Motor Mechanic - petrol 38,589 40,384 46,985
Sales Rep / Commercial Traveller 45,590 47,136 53,259
Motor Mechanic - diesel 41,172 47,555 54,686
Maintenance Fitter 47,945 48,008 55,492
Toolmaker 48,063 50,677 57,062
Staff Nurse/Registered Nurse 50,735 51,500 57,021
Secretary / PA to CEO 46,667 52,270 55,965
Human Resources/Personnel Officer 51,276 55,018 58,843
Registered Electrician 48,620 55,620 64,259
Analyst Prog /Comp Syst Engineer 61,229 66,066 72,145
Human Resources Manager 80,036 87,470 98,509
Information Systems Manager 88,295 95,720 104,871
Marketing /Bus. Dev Manager 93,729 101,322 108,571
General Manager - under 50 Employees 99,229 106,171 119,494
Financial Controller99,222 109,317 127,427
General Manager - 50 - 199 Employees 127,395 132,845 147,839
Managing Director (50 - 199 employees) 156,188181,794190,331

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sample Cover Letter

Here's the cover letter that I used when I'm applying for a job. Please edit according to your field and circumstances. I start sending application even after the ITA and from there I've started to learn the key skills that NZ companies needs in relation to my background.

Hope this help...

P.s. please help me share this website to your friends and spread the gesture of kindness to everyone...God Bless.

Dear Matthew,

I am writing to express my interest to apply as CAD Draftsman in your organisation.  I believed that my   experience and expertise in the field of engineering matches your criteria and requirements.

I am currently waiting for my Work to Residence visa result and I am optimistic to receive in a month period. In connection with this, I am now seeking for a possible interview arrangement or employment offer to prospective company or employer in New Zealand.

For a brief background of my qualification, I obtained a Level 6 Diploma in Civil Engineering issued by New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) for my education and has 10+ years proven track record and technical expertise in civil/structural engineering from a reputable consulting and construction firm. I also have strong communication skills and works well in a team-led environment.

I attached herewith my CV for your review and consideration. Thank you for your time and I appreciate for your reply.

Very Truly Yours,

You name
Mobile No.